When Warzone dropped in March of 2020, everyone was excited because it was something brand new that Call of Duty hadn’t done before.

Battle Royales weren’t anything new or special. H1Z1, PUBG, and Fortnite to name a few battle royales already made and they were doing pretty well. When Call of Duty did it, it just hit differently. I personally don’t know how to explain it, but it hit differently.

Over time people started to make the game competitive, finding ways to earn money from Warzone with TKR or timed kill races. That dominated the competitive scene for the majority of Warzone in its early days. They slowly started to get chalked because of hackers, various stream snipers, and the use of VPNs ruining these competitive matches.

8 months after the launch, Warzone finally added private matches and that changed the competitive scene for the better. No more public lobbies, no more stream snipers, and no more hackers. 150 of the best Warzone players, in a private lobby competing for obscene amounts of cash. The community wasted no time in throwing various private matches, and us, the fans, loved every second of it. Twitch decided to throw the very first Twitch Rivals Call of Duty Warzone Showdown. They would host one for NA and one for EU, both online (because of the pandemic and travel), both having open qualifications for streamers and gamers alike to have a shot at winning $75,000. The prize would be split between the winning team, with the team captain winning money, and the top team winning some money and then the rest of the money split between the rest of the teams. For NA, Team Swagg won both the Duo and Trio event and then EU, Team Recrent won both Duo and Trio event. It was electric to watch and the best thing to be added to the competitive esports scene.

But there was one event that had everyone glued to their seats to watch – the Solo Yolo event.

150 players dropped into Verdansk ’84, solo, every man for themselves, fighting to win $100 K. If you die, you’re out. No second chances (except Gulag, but you know what I mean). One game. Winner takes all. Only one person wins the $100 K, and you would hate to be the one that either died first in the lobby or finished second. 

The first Solo Yolo was held after the EU Duo tournament in 2021. It was expected as much that everyone would play like a rat and use the rattiest loadout. The majority of the lobby opted to use a riot shield and some kind of secondary. Either kali sticks or shotguns (since they were OP at the time). There were some players using regular guns but ultimately in the end riot shields and shotguns were the move. French streamer, Chowh1, won the first Solo Yolo with his riot shield, and shotgun loadout and let out a huge victorious scream. If you want to watch it, watch the last 5-10 minutes of the stream or this video below because that’s when it really starts to ramp up and get intense. 

Next up was NA. Everyone was excited for this one because a lot of well-known top streamers and CDL pros were participating in this event. From the likes of TimtheTatMan, Swagg, Huskers, Biffle, Formal, Clayster, Crimsix and many more talented Warzone and CDL pros. This event was even more special because it would be the last big pro event on the Verdansk map before the new map (now Caldera). A lot of people thought they had an idea of who would win, but no one ever thought that a CDL pro would win the event. They were too busy playing their season in Cold War and a great majority hadn’t spent a lot of time on Verdansk compared to the likes of Swagg, Tim, and Biffle. They were playing in league matches, and majors, busy in scrims, and refining their skill. They had very little time before the Duos event to even figure out the map, the jump spots, the hot drops, the best places for loot, what the meta was and to be comfortable enough to engage in battle. They would solely be relying on their pure skill of the game to do well. Little did everyone know. This is how a CDL pro won the World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo $100 K prize just over two years ago.

When it comes to the Call of Duty competitive scene there are a few names that come to mind for the GOAT. There is Crimsix ( 3x World Champion, Winningest player in CoD history), Clayster (3x World Champion), TeeP, Formal, and Karma (3x World Champion), but there is one name that is still at the top of his game, that everyone in the esports scene knows, loves and recognizes. That is Seth ‘Scump’ Abner. 

Scump aka “The King” is the second-winningest player in Call of Duty history (with 28 major championship wins), and was one of six players to be a part of the OpTic Gaming dynasty that won a total of 18 tournaments. He is the only player in all of esports to win back-to-back X-Games Gold Medals, and one of five players in Call of Duty esports to win an award from ‘The Game Awards’ after winning “eSports Team of the Year” that he had shared with him teammates on OpTiC Gaming. The man has amassed 2.64 M subscribers on Youtube, and 1.3 M followers on Twitch. The man will go down in CoD history as being overall, the best CoD player of all time and is a household name in the esports community. 

Scump had just come off a disappointing season in Call of Duty Cold War, getting bounced out of champs in loser brackets 2. They had a tough 3-2 series loss to New York Subliners in Winners Brack 1, had a redeeming 3-1 series win against the Florida Mutineers in Losers Bracket 1, but eventually falling 3-1 in the series to the Toronto Ultra in Losers bracket 2. 

He quickly had to transition from the Cold War mechanics over to the Warzone mechanics. They are two very different moving games, but Scump is one of the best, so it’s no problem for him. He had little time to warm up, and figure out what weapons he had to use to have the best shot at doing well in the World Series of Warzone duo event. He was one of the team captains, so he had to go through, draft his team, select his duo and prepare to drop into Verdansk one last time. For the overall event, his team didn’t do bad at all, finishing 2nd of the five teams, only being 40.5 points behind Team Swagg that would go on to win. As for duos, Shotzzy and him didn’t do the worst but unfortunately didn’t finish in the top 15. It made sense, they hadn’t been grinding Warzone like they usually do during the off-season, and they had been busy with their respective teams during the CDL season on a game that has different movement mechanics. That didn’t matter, the Solo Yolo was all that mattered and here is how that went down.

The game has begun and Scump flies in and decides to land in the houses south of the Military Base, northwest of the TV station. Not many people land around here but he decides to loot up the school and go from there. He goes on the roof to kind of scout out what’s going on around him to figure out his next move. Next thing he knows, he hears someone below him. There are only two ways to get on the roof of the school.

The ladder right next to him, or the ladder on the backside of school. He starts to listen carefully to which direction the person below him might come towards. It’s a very nerve wracking situation because 1) you don’t know which way they will come and 2) he could get sniped from any direction at this point. Somehow he doesn’t get looked at once from anyone on this hill while he puts his full attention to said person below. He goes on the roof, takes a peek to see if he can see the person below him when all of a sudden the person below calls in a loadout. He has ground loot guns, the person below him will have their loadout, most likely riot shield and something else but still, could be anything. The person below somehow gets their loadout and he takes another peek off the roof into the window to see if he could get a glimpse of the person, and next thing he knows, he sees a riot shield. Every solo person’s worst nightmare (unless you have termites). Riot shielder goes towards the ladder inside the school to challenge, Scump gets some shots in and so does the person below, Scump has no shields. He tosses in a stun to try and give him the advantage, doesn’t hit and he gets out to reposition, to have a better chance at the fight. For the next minute and a half, Scump sits in the building to the southeast of the building trying to figure out his next move until his free loadout comes. He spots someone crossing over from Airport and keeps a mental note of that.  

Free loadout drops as the first zone is closing and Scump has to make moves. He doesn’t have enough money to buy a loadout, he won’t have time to loot up and get enough cash because he has no idea how many people are lurking around in the area, and you don’t want to be losing $100 K to a rat. 

As he makes his way to loadout, the person from earlier that he wanted to make a mental note of leaving the Airport is nearby. He hides behind the cover of the house near his loadout, and takes a gander at his surroundings. He sees the enemy behind the fence, sends some warning shots and so does the enemy. Scump pops dead silence (quiet / no footsteps for a short period of time), works his way around the house to work on a flank on the enemy. When he comes to the flank, the enemy is anticipating that, but Scump gets the first shots and gets the kill. That’s one down, 69 players to go.  

He plates up, regathers himself, and gets his loadout – Mac10 and EM2. No riot shield. Many thought that this would be his downfall, seeing as a riot shield and some kind of secondary would be the best move in a competition like this. 

Scump begins to rotate towards the circle which is started to pull to the northeast side of the map near Salt Mines. Just as he begins to cross the open field southeast of the Military base, he encounters another enemy. It’s no normal enemy, it’s another riot shield. The worst of the worst. And on top of that, the gas is starting to nip at their heels and Scump doesn’t have a gas mask. There is only one way to deal with a riot shielder and that’s what Scump did. He threw a stun, to slow him down and then casually stuck him with a semtex. As soon as he stuck the riot shielder, he didn’t even look back, just kept slide cancelling his way into the zone. Cool people don’t look at explosions right?

His next fight came right away once the third zone closed. He heard some footsteps in a house near the west outskirts of Salt mines. He decided to engage, throwing two stuns that both missed which gave the opponent (who turns out to be Braalik) time to locate Scump and chall him 1v1. Unfortunately Scump lost this gunfight and it didn’t help that he had an Mac-10 vs Braalik OTS9 (which was the META SMG at the time). You could see in the kill cam after, Braalik was one shot, but the OTS TTK (time to kill) was just better. 

Now is the Gulag. Win or go home.

The difference between $100K or lint in your pocket. It was Scump vs Wagnificent. Both with MG 82 (LMG). Scump makes his way to the right side of the gulag (the original gulag if I may add from day 1 Verdansk), throws a stun to clear his right side, holds the pillar in the middle on the right side and just holds an angle. No need to mess around when there is that much money on the line. He switches between holding one of two angles, just trying to listen for Wags footsteps. Eventually his patiences pays off and he just gets first shots on Wag and gets a second chance at the $100K.

This is the part that was most exciting to watch live personally, just because of the situation he was in. The way the circle was, where it was pulling too, the amount of players left AND the amount of bushes there was. He also had no loadout and had to float for a bit to wait for the second free loadout to come in during the 5th circle. Only God could pull off a miracle at this point.

Fresh out of gulag, fourth zone closing, 47 people left alive. Cars moving around rotating everywhere, people engaging in fights and gulag closing. This was it, no mistakes now. 

Scump moves towards the circle in the air hoping that loadout pulls towards him. Luckily it does. He lands immediately on his loadout (with a bit of trouble thanks to the lovely rocks that were in Verdansk) and picked his battle weapons: EM2 & Diamatti with restock perk (your lethal and tactical equipment (stuns and symtex) restock every 50 seconds up to two items each). He has only one clip in each gun, no plates but the two on him already, so he immediately hides in a bush waiting to hear if anyone comes near by. 

A car begins to push his position and gets wary that they might potentially run him over so he moves, and then begins to engage the opponent because they jumped out the car. Throws a stun, no hit. He ADS (aim down sight) to try and see where this player has moved to because he caught a glimpse of his head. The player is wearing a Roze skin (one of the darkest and broken skin in the game at the time) and took a second to find him but he continues to engage. He fires a couple shots, breaking armour and begins to push, he has the upper hand. Little did he know, this player had a riot shield, but that’s nothing to Scump. He proceeds to jump over the riot shielding Roze skin, down him and finishes his kill. 

One less person to worry about, 29 people left. He tries to gather the loot from the dead body, but in his hurry to grab cover, doesn’t grab what he needs as he rushes back to his previous bush to continue hiding until the zone closes. 

Now back in the bush, he comes to the realisation that he really needs to play for that loot, or else he’ll be screwed. He looks over the mountain to scope out if anyone is nearby, and notices yet another Roze skin riot shield. He takes a few shots, warning shots if you will, quickly runs to the loot, grabs AR and SMG ammo, then finally grabs the most important thing that would ultimately save his life later in the game – a Golden Gas Mask.

A regular gas mask that you can find in loot boxes or buy in the buy station only lasts 10 seconds when you are sitting in the gas and is pretty common. The Golden Gas Mask is very rare, and can be usually found in bunkers or rare loot boxes, those lasting 15 seconds. Those extra 5 seconds would be key for Scump later. 

Scump would now check his back left, after reaching back to his bush and gathering his thoughts, to make sure that the riot shielder wasn’t pushing him. Instead he encounters another player, no riot shield. He stuns him and takes care of him. Easy work. Another one down, 22 to go. 

While this is going on, the fifth zone is already closed and about 30 seconds left before the sixth zone is about to close and he has a lot of space between him and the next zone, a lot of bushes and potential people to ruin his chance at $100K.

He begins his trek up the mountain towards the zone when he hears shooting behind him to his right and eventually someone dying. Now he has a choice to make. 22.4 seconds before the zone begins to close, does he go forward and try and fight for a spot in the zone, or does he clear his back and hope he can get it done before that 22.4 seconds is up. He patiently waits, listening for sound cues, and proceeds to wait for the zone to close. He begins to walk with the zone as it closes and continually clears his back in both directions. This is a risky play because someone ahead of him that knows he’s there can hold him out, but if it were me, I’d rather be shot in the front, than shot in the back. 

The sixth zone is closing and he is slowly making his way in. As he is clearing his surroundings, something in a bush in front of him catches his eye. He ADS the bush, and as he gets closer notices once again, another Roze skin riot shield hiding trying to blend in. He takes fire, but the riot shield player begins to melee and breaks his shield but Scump once again makes quick work of the player and gathers himself again, replating and moving close to the zone as it closes. 

Seventh Zone, 14 players left. One step closer. 

He sits at the edge of the zone, hiding on the decline of the hill, slowly making his way into the next zone which, once again, is a decent distance away. He goes to hide in a bush to make his next move, but can feel that he is being stopped by something. That something was another player, it caught him off guard, but made quick work, narrowly avoiding death and winning the fight. 

He now has 5 seconds before the next zone closes, nine other players alive and a Bertha truck coming in his direction forcing him to rotate to his right. As he comes over the hill he spots a player rotating towards him. Tosses a stun, and freezes him up behind a rock. He immediately pushes to apply pressure. The other player tosses a stun, misses and dies. Scump regroups, and moves back the way he came, sitting on a slight hill to regain and figure out his next move, checking his back and being aware of his surroundings and gunfire is happening on the other side of the map. 

Eighth zone, 5 players left. This is it. 

He moves a little further back, closer to the gas to really be sure no one is behind him, as he moves back to his original position close to the zone, he starts receiving some shots, takes off a bit of one plate. He plates up and takes a look with his EM2 to see where he was getting shot. Finds the riot shield player, and decides it best that he doesn’t take any shot, but instead calls an airstrike that he had previously picked off the ground to make the player move. The one downside with calling in airstrikes (or even cluster strikes) is it shows everyone on the map where it is called in from. As he does that he moves back a little more, to check his back and clear it out more, he looks to his left to clear a bush and sees nothing and turns away for a split second to see where the riot shield moved after he called in the airstrike, but as he does, a person in the bush looks at him and begins to take shots. The person in the bush has the upper hand, and first shots, but if you take shots at the king, you best not miss. Scump snaps back and locks on the bush man’s head and erases him from the game. A snap and lock on so clean, it would wake Bad Boy Beaman from his sleep. 

Eighth zone done, ninth zone is a moving zone away from Scump towards the top of the mountain, near the boundary of the map.

He begins to rotate back towards the edge of the zone because the gas is beginning to move. As he goes right, the previous person that was shooting at him before catches him out and Scump is forced to retreat back into the storm. His gas mask being pulled on and off his face causes a moment of panic, but he eventually sits in the storm, and gathers himself together. The opponent has made him one shot and there is no point in ego challing them. He also has a golden gas mask (which I said would save his life later, well this is the moment), so he can sit in gas and reshield. 

After he settles down, he decides to re-engage. There is a riot shield in front of him. The person that previously made him one shot is also in a fight on the other side of the mountain. He takes shots at the riot shield player that has his back to him. Breaks armour and immediately throws a grenade. Riot shield throws a stun and slows him down in the gas, but Scump keeps shooting. He retaliates by throwing a stun himself which hits and slows the enemy down. Shortly after he throws a symtex which downs the player and promptly finishes the downed player (which was Huskerrs and you can him say in the death comm “F*******k”).

This is it. 1v1.

Scump didn’t know this but people at home that were watching multiple streams knew who the other person was. It was Aydan. At that time, he was the highest earning player in Warzone, and arguably one of the best Warzone players in North America. 

Aydan has the high ground, a riot shield, stuns but once again, if you come at the king, you best not miss. Scump replates fully behind a tree and reloaded his guns before engaging Aydan. It’s another moving zone that is moving away from Scump. He climbs up the hill and sees the top of Aydans head and shield. Takes a few shots, tosses and stun and crouches down. He waits for the stun to hit before peeking up and taking more shots. They both shoot at each other at the same time, but Scump just hits the more important shots first. 

Victory Royale!

Scump wins, stands up with excitement, throwing his headphones, yelling and calling his girlfriend to let her know the amazing news. He leaves the room to celebrate with her, later coming back in frame with them both jumping up and down because Scump had just won the $100 K World Series of Warzone Yolo Solo event for the last tournament on Verdansk. 

No riot shield, no problem. 

That right there is why you simply don’t lose your ones. Scump shows that no matter what, when you are down and out, if it seems like there is no hope, you can find a way. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, or whatever the saying is. Hopefully people continue to give Scump his flowers while he is still competing, because when he retires at the end of the MW2 season, the CoD scene and community will never be the same. Yes, there are some great up-and-coming talents in Simp, Abezy, Sib, Pred, Hydra, Shotzzy, Dashy, and many others… but there will never be another Scump. You couldn’t have scripted a better ending and goodbye to Verdansk by letting the king show why he wears the crown. 




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