Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: Broken, yet fun

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It has been two weeks since the new Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach game came out, and it’s one of the most terrifying in the series. Not only because it’s a first-person survival horror game, but also because of the new additions to the animatronic line up such as Sun (or Moon which he is known by), Rox Ann Wolf, and Monty the Gador.

The game features the return of original animatronics from past editions, to keep with the overall feel of FNAF, but it has some new features. In Security Breach, Freddy is on your side and helping you with puzzles in certain parts of the map. Also new to the series is the experience of wandering around a very futuristic version of a pizzeria, which is the first free-roaming experience in the game if you don’t count certain sections in FNAF VR and the sister location. Also new to Security Breach is the experience of piloting one of the animatronics and using it like a mech suit from Titanfall.

Image by ScottGames/Illumix

The tight spaces throughout the pizzeria, especially towards the parts and service rooms in the basement, really add to the horror vibe that Security Breach is going for. The animatronics are no longer the only things hunting you down. Alongside them are security robots that will alert the animatronics if you are nearby — forcing you to either hide or run from them. 

Overall, I find the new edition of Five Nights at Freddy’s great, and I have really been enjoying playing and streaming it for the past week. However, this game did come at the cost of a rushed development cycle, and thanks to that the game is a very buggy mess.

There were many times throughout my playthrough where I would glitch through the floor after trying to pilot Freddy. Other times, the graphics would not compute and I would be left looking at a black screen with assets trying to load in. Another time, I tried to get into Chicas room past 4 am but I needed a level 5 access key to enter, so I went to the security office and did the lockdown game to get it. However, once I did that the game loaded a different version of Freddy that was unusable at the place I was at — forcing me to reset.

Luckily, I had multiple saves throughout the night, but it really hurt to have to do parts of the game all over again.

Image by ScottGames/Illumix

Not to mention, Freddy and other animatronics will often teleport in front or behind you on a whim causing your game to buffer or drop frames over time. Also, on the PC version, having the game on Ray tracing does make it look better, but as of right now getting over 60 fps with it on is a bit of a challenge until it’s better optimized.

Overall though, the game is really good and scary just with some technical problems that need to be fleshed out some more.

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