Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 Is Upon Us

Headshot of Ethan Patrick, Head of Amateur Scouting for New Frontier Esports & Entertainment

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 felt like it was released forever ago with bugs, slow map play, not being able to immediately buy loadout, and a bunch of console and PC performance issues. Thankfully, Season 2 is finally here with material that will hopefully keep us satisfied and busy until Season 3 or until we have something else to complain about with Vanguard and/or Caldera. 

The one positive thing leading up to Season 2 is that the people at Activision, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, and Infinity Ward have been very transparent with the community with what they are trying to accomplish with the game and bug fixes.

As stated by Tom Henderson via Twitter:

This, among other things, was said in an exclusive call with various members of the Call of Duty community.

They know what they have done, have acknowledged their faults when it comes to CoD, and promise to do better. We hope that they continue to be transparent when it comes to their franchise. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, you know that CoD is not in a good place right now and needs a boost (or something more drastic) to be saved. 

When it comes to Season 2, the roadmap shows a lot of promising things that look hella exciting — the most exciting I’ve personally seen it’s been in a very long time:

  • They’re looking to bring in 3 brand new guns for Vanguard to add to the amazing guns we have right now. They plan on bringing an SMG (Armaguerra OG-43), rifle (KG M-40) and LMG (Marlin M1917). Many content creators have discovered that with the preloaded updates in Vanguard, you can actually use them in private matches and test them out. But for right now, they’re broken — No matter the attachment combo you put on it, they simply don’t move (or as the cool kids call it “Zero Recoil”), but I’m sure with the official the recoil pattern will be fixed.
  • There are going to be 2 new POI coming to Caldera: Chemical Factory & Research Labs. When it comes to the POI Chemical Factory, there will be enemy AI that’ll guard and protect the facility, and a trap that can be activated in the central area of the building. If you are able to infiltrate this area, you will be able to leave the POI with higher valued loot than you usually find in other areas of the map.
  • Along with the enemy AI, there will also be a AI-controlled Armored Trucks rolling around that have turrets, can call aerial support, and drop mines (because it too is protecting high quality loot.) 
  • They are also adding Nebula V Bombs — a tool that explodes and releases a toxic gas that acts just like the gas when the circles are closing. It causes damage to anyone within its radius and can last up to 2 minutes. If you are a fan of Apex Legends then you’ll recognize this function of the Portable Decontamination Stations. It acts as protectant against the Nebula V bomb and also can be used to sit in the gas if you need to heal or make some gnarly gas plays early or late game. 
  • There’ll be various Caldera map manholes that are heavily-guarded underground chemical weapon research labs that contain rare loadout items.
  • To make rotation easier with how big and open Caldera is, they are adding Re-deploy balloons. If you ever played Apex Legends, PUBG, or the spec ops missions in CoD Modern Warfare 2019, they have a similar function to these games. You can shoot them down or spend some money to use them at a later date. You and your team can rope up to the top and parachute to a better position on the map, or try and make a great distance so you don’t have to worry about the gas at your ankles. 
  • Gas mask animation has been the downfall of a lot of players in gun fights, especially in the late game when the win is on the line. Since they were introduced in the Season 5 launch of Modern Warfare era of Warzone, they have been the biggest headache for games, being put on or pulled off at the worst time possible. This has been fixed in Season 2 of Vanguard, and if you’re aiming down sights, they’ll no longer interrupt the Operator during that action.
  • Rebirth Island will be getting a makeover during the mid-season update, but for now, everyone’s favourite gamemode from Verdansk, Iron Trails, is making its way to Rebirth Island, starting March 3rd and ending March 17th.

There is also a whole new update when it comes to zombies, which I’m personally super excited about.

I’m hoping it will make my journey for Dark Aether camo a little bit more enjoyable. They’re adding a new hub map, “Terra Maledicta”, 3 new arenas, 2 wonder weapons, a new enemy and ally, a new artifact, and a slew of other great things for zombies. 

When it comes to multiplayer, they weren’t left in the dark. It’s finally getting Ranked Play (beta though). Anyone that played Call of Duty: Cold War remembers the ranked play in that game and it certainly wasn’t the greatest. There wasn’t much to it and didn’t give much incentive to grind to be top of the leaderboard. Right now in FPS shooters, Apex Legends & Valorant have some of the best-ranked game modes (Apex Predator & Immortal), and if you’re good enough to reach those ranks, it’s an exclusive club that will be forever changing throughout the season.

So, we’re hoping that we’ll get something similar for Vanguard, or just as satisfying. Along with ranked play, multiplayer is getting a new killstreak, lethal equipment, and perks, along with fixes for various bugs, stability, UI/UX, and more.

Season 2 is hopefully going to be a breath of fresh air for Call of Duty players because god knows we need it. There’s a lot of content being added that will appease all types of players. 

Along with these updates, leadership also let us know what they have planned for the future of Call of Duty.

They started off by saying that there will be a new sandbox game mode (rumored to be similar to Escape From Tarkov) coming to Warzone when Modern Warfare II drops in 2022. Oh yeah, the next CoD is going back to Modern Warfare, the sequel of Modern Warfare 2019, so that means – MORE CAPTAIN PRICE.

On the call, the leadership group stated also that there will be Warzone 2, which will be its own game and not attached to anything like Warzone was attached to Modern Warfare 2019. MW2 and WZ2 will be on a brand new engine, built from the ground up with the original Warzone in mind. 

From what I have read from the trusted minds of the Call of Duty community, the future of Warzone and Call of Duty looks to be bright.

The material they are adding now and for the future seems to be amazing and the future of other CoD games seems to be great, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. Every year we are getting our hopes up (the dreaded COD cycle), thinking this is the year that the game will be amazing, but get let down. With the leadership at CoD finally being transparent and communicating with the community, it’s a step in the right direction and gives us some positive hope. I can’t wait for Modern Warfare II (if it even gets called that) and for Warzone II. Fingers crossed we get a ranked mode for WZ.

Also, for console players, you will not be getting a FOV slider, at least for the previous generation consoles. The developers said that the last-gen consoles won’t be able to maintain a suitable frame rate with a FOV slider, and if they did add FOV for next-gen consoles, it would further increase the skill gap. A FOV slider will only benefit the sweats, not the casuals, so they won’t even waste time in this current state of Warzone to even think about adding it.

In WZ2, next-gen consoles (XBOX Series X|S & PS5) are more than likely getting a FOV slider. Either you:

A) start saving your money for a next-gen console

B) start saving money for a PC that will be able to play Warzone 

C) be left in the dust on your XBOX One or PS4

Happy Valentine’s Day. If you are single and plan on playing the new update all day with your squad, make sure to have a lot of snacks and fluids, maybe even take a nap or two. If you plan to spend the day with your significant other, make sure to show them all the love and affection so that they feel special, but make sure to let him or her know that once you get home, that time is for the squad to have fun.




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