Canada’s Newest Gaming & Entertainment Ecosystem

New Frontier Esports & Entertainment is a grassroots, Canadian Esports organization that is dedicated to the development of this new and innovative form of digital entertainment.

We’re Canada’s first independent Gaming, Entertainment, Media, and Esports agency. We’re excited to power the business behind today’s newest Entertainment industry.


New Frontier can provide a series of educational webinars, workshops and introductory courses showing you what this entertainment industry is all about.

Our teams are excited to help you navigate the world of Esports specific commercial development. Turn your brand into a leading Esports and gaming entity!

Our ‘Start to Finish’ approach begins with helping you at the ideation stage to planning to the execution of the event and helping you with the post event wrap up.

We have been scouring the internet for the best entertainers, content creators, players, and teams working hard to elevate the entertainment experience.


Our vision is to develop a world-class Gaming, Esports, & Entertainment company that is inspired by the culture shift taking place in millennial and Gen Z audiences.


At New Frontier, we are committed to delivering an unrivaled entertainment ecosystem that speaks to Gaming, Esports, Video Game culture, and stream-based content.

A man playing Xbox while modelling NFESE clothing, wearing the Retro 80s Miami Baseball Jersey and the Retro 80s Mesh Shorts
Headshot of Jehan Moorthy, CEO of New Frontier Esports & Entertainment


For gamers, by gamers.

“The core pillar of what we do is driven by the importance of gaming culture and an audience that thinks differently about the entertainment they choose to engage in.

We are inspired by the spur of change taking place at the heart of the entertainment industry – the consumer. We love that communities of audiences are demanding content on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and, ultimately, Gaming & Esports.

We’re here to show the world what the new frontier of entertainment looks like.”

– Jehan Moorthy, President & CEO